Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Auction!

This next week we are changing it up.  Instead of a raffle we are holding an auction.  What this means is you will bid, with the intention of buying, highest bidder will win.  You will only pay, if you win.  Of course if you want to donate, just click the "donate now" button.

Auctions will be up until next Friday at noon.  Pictures of the items will be posted on our facebook page, comment on each picture to bid!

Up for grabs :

  •    A custom cake courtesy of Mrs. Wiley's Cakes (can do gluten/ dye/ dairy free!  Local in Columbus)

  • A custom made birthday outfit (multiple pieces, such as a shirt + skirt or tutu, or a shirt + sweatshirt or cape for your prince or princess)

Head HERE to bid on items!  Don't forget to share this auction with anyone who may be interested!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to donate

There has been a bit of confusion regarding donating, so hopefully this will clear some things up.

  • There is a link on the blog that says "Donate Now"  Click that and it will take you to the paypal site.  Enter your amount in the top spot, and login on the bottom of the page.  You will then be redirected to a page that has your amount on it, as well as "Babysitting for Breast Cancer" beside it.  YOU ARE NOT FINISHED!  Make sure you are still logged in on the bottom of the page. Once you submit that page, then you should be on a page which will say how much you are donating and with what method (mine was part pay pal balance, part bank transfer... yours could be a credit card if you so chose!)  Once you hit "pay now" on this page THEN you are done.  Confusing?  Yeah I think so too!
  • Log into your paypal account.  Click the "Send Money" Tab.  Enter your amount. Send it to BeckaDouglas83 at gmail dot com . Proceed as usual :)
  • Send your checks (payable to Becka Douglas) to
Babysitting for Breast Cancer
c/o Amy Garrett
5449 Spring Hill Rd
Grove City, OH 43123

  • If you choose to send a check, please message Babysitting for Breast Cancer on the day it is postmarked with the amount if you would like to receive your raffle entries. (babysittingforbreastcancer at gmail dot com)

  • If you are local (Central Ohio) please message us, and we can arrange a pick up!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Donations are Rolling In!

First,we want to thank you for all of the donations that we have received for the raffle! Amazing!  Keep those items, as well as the commitments rolling in!  It is wonderful to see everyone stepping up to donate! 

We want to take this opportunity to say how important getting the word out about Becka and her family really is.  We understand that not every family is in the position to donate, but a simple "share" on your facebook page or blog may find someone who can. This effort takes a village, we cannot do it on our own!  Please share Babysitting for Breast Cancer with your friends and family so we can provide the funds that they need for childcare!

We have some fabulous prizes lined up and just to give you a heads up as to what to expect here are a couple of the sponsors you can look forward to seeing.  :)
Gift Cards to restaurants

That barely touches the surface of our sponsors!
Don't forget about our current raffle!  Enter by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the side of the page.  Let’s get the donations coming in to help Becka and her family.  :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raffle #1 ~ KITCHEN!

Raffles will run weekly (this one goes for a week and a half, but following raffles will each last one week), and all are amazing. We have had some very generous people donate goods, with very short notice.  That, combined with an arsenal of crafty SAHM's and we have some seriously drool worthy baskets.  So enter in for this one, but come back for the next 4, because they are all unique! 

Simply use the PayPal Button at the side of the page to donate!

For a 10 dollar entry(enter as many times as you would like!) , you have the chance to win:

  • A set of  E-books from the popular natural  homemaking  blog, Modern Alternative Momma.  Books  titles include Real Food Basics, Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, Against the Grain, Treat Yourself, Wholesome Comfort, and Breast to Bib                                                                                                                                                                                 
  •     For a complete synopsis of the books, check out this page                                 

  • A set of 12 “un-paper towels” .  Take a step toward sustainable living with these kitchen workhorses!Each are Double Lined Flannel, turned and top stitched, approximately 8x10 inches.

  • An assortment 6 of reusable “sandwich type” bags,  various sizes.  Made of cotton inside an out, no harmful chemical will touch your food!

  • A set of 4 up cycled produce bags, a perfect way to reduce your waste at the farm market!

*While most of these items can be used if you are not local to the Columbus Area, Mosley's Meat Market is a local shop.  We would happily donate the meat box for you to Becka and her family, if you would be unable to use it.

Meet Becka!

Hi, I'm Becka Douglas.  A wife and mother, daughter, sister, friend...and just like most women I was already overwhelmed with life.  I had reached my breaking point months ago with a lot of problems that "life" had been throwing at us.  

In February, we were starting to see the light, many things were coming to a point where they would again be managable, not likeable, but we were able to breathe again and started actually looking forward and planning some happy moment.  Then (at the time, 10 month old) son had a temper tantrum and threw his head into my chest.  One of those, it-was-never-a-big-deal-the-hundreds-of-times-every-other-day but this time it caused a lump in my breast.  Over a month of weekly Dr visits that included ultrasounds and needle aspirations, and the only choice to help my pain and get answers as to what the lump was, surgery.  

On April 6, I had a routine lumpectomy.  Great, they said.  We got it all, it's gone.  You don't have to worry about it any more.  WE TOLD YOU IT WAS NOTHING, they said.

On April 10, they called me.  It wasn't "NOTHING" was BREAST CANCER!!
I was in Trader Joe's (a grocery store) with my 3 young children.  All I remember after that was not knowing how many packages of hot dogs were going to get my kids through me having Breast Cancer...
I went to more appointments, met more Drs, went to an amazing "Second Opinion Breast Cancer Clinic" that had all the special Drs together in one room to talk to me at once and help me decide the best route for me.

May 9, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy.  I know you have to recover from major surgery...but I didn't realize at the time all the things I wouldn't be able to do and how tired just sitting in a chair would make me.  A week later I am getting worried.  My husband has been working from home, but we can't afford that next week.  He has to go back to work so we can keep our heads above the financial waters that the past 2 years have put us under.

I can't lift more than 2 lbs for at least another week, then my limit will be 5-10lbs for another 4-6 weeks (depending on how I heal).  I have to keep my elbows below my shoulders.

That means I can only get my kids cups if they are not in the cupboard, I can only get drinks if the jugs are less than half full.  I can't put the dog outside on the chain or bring him in.  I can't change my son's diaper, I can't help my 2 year old in the potty.  I can't pull out supplies for the kids to do crafts, get them snacks that are kept in the top of the pantry, or cereal or hold a pot of water to make pasta, or make mac & cheese, or cook chicken for dinner...the list goes on.

I need help.

I need to hire someone to be my kids stand-in SAHM until I can be again.
We figure 5 weeks, 5 days a week, for 10 hours while Hubby is gone = 50 hours/week
$8-9/hr is $400-$450 a week, $2,000-$2,250 that we just don't have.

Welcome to the blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  

Becka is a 28 year old mom of 4 wonderful children.  She recently underwent a double mastectomy in her fight against breast cancer, and has been left unable to care for her children during her recovery.  We hope to be her "village" and fund the $2,000+ providing childcare will cost.  All funds will go directly to childcare during her recovery.  Please help us spread the word by sharing our page!

Many thanks!
Team Becka